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Holistic Therapy in Southampton

leilah during therapyAt St. James Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we offer holistic therapy to help individuals navigate life’s many challenges. With a unique blend of counselling and holistic modalities, holistic therapist Leilah Mirza aids her clients in overcoming mental health blocks resulting from childhood trauma, anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs that have persisted into adulthood.

Journey to Holistic Therapy

The drive to become a holistic therapist was deeply personal for Leilah. Growing up amidst significant personal trauma and finding traditional counselling methods restrictive, she discovered her path through her intuitive ability to connect with others’ emotions. This realisation compelled her to explore therapies that integrate the mind, body and spirit, enabling her to support others in healing and discovering their true selves.


Many Therapies to Address Mental Health Challenges

Leilah has a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of mind and body. Utilising a diverse range of cognitive-based therapies such as hypnotherapy, EMDR and intuitive counseling, she focuses on identifying and addressing the subconscious programming that often dictates our responses to life’s challenges. Leilah wants to ensure that clients feel heard, understood and empowered to break free from the patterns that hold them back.

Empowering Clients Through Therapy

Leilah’s therapy sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of her clients, offering them the tools to reprogram limiting beliefs and step into their power. ‘I truly believe that everyone can benefit from reprogramming the way they think and the way they perceive the world’, said Leilah.

The most fulfilling aspect of her work is witnessing the profound transformation in her clients – seeing them realise their potential and align their lives with their authentic selves is a testament to the effectiveness of her holistic approach.

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Take That First Step Towards Healing

Connect with Leilah today to explore how holistic therapy can help you overcome the obstacles of your past and lead a fulfilled empowered life. Contact St. James Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to book a session.

Initial Appointment – £55 (1 hour)

This face to face appointment is suitable for: New Patients to the clinic and those who have not had an appointment with Leilah Mirza.

Once you have had your initial Consultation Leilah will advise which of the following treatments to book and how many sessions you may need::

  • EMDR Therapy Session – £75 for a 90 minute appointment
    (generally booked in 6/8 session blocks)
  • Smoking Cessation Programme (£300 – 4 x 60 min appointments)
  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – £95 for a 90 min appointment
    (generally booked in 6/8 session blocks)
  • Inner Child Therapy – £95 for a 90 minute appointment
    (generally booked in 6/8 session blocks)

Learn More About Natural Healing Today

It’s time to feel in tune with your body again. Book now.


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