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Shockwave Therapy in Southampton

illustration of shockwave therapyOffering a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare allows our team at St. James Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to help patients from various perspectives. While chiropractic care can be effective in restoring proper alignment and motion to the joints, soft tissue damage may need to be addressed in other ways.

Pricing for a single appointment or £50 or a block of four is £180.

We may recommend shockwave therapy for chronic issues, such as

  • Calcific bursitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder issues
  • Other chronic soft tissue injuries


How It Works

This therapy uses a machine that drives a piston to create a wave of energy. We place the handheld device on the affected area of your body, and the wave of energy is directed into the damaged connective tissues, stimulating the body’s own healing response. Each session lasts just 2-3 minutes, and many people experience a decrease in symptoms after a few visits, with maximum therapeutic benefit after 4-5 visits. Since this is an additional service, there is an additional fee. All costs will be discussed with you before providing care.

We let our patients know that this therapy is uncomfortable. Because it’s so beneficial in helping resolve chronic conditions, most people find the discomfort worth it. The pain of the therapy is the same as the pain of the condition—so if we’re working on your plantar fasciitis, you can expect the two minutes of therapy to feel like your plantar fasciitis feels at its worst.

What to Expect

Our team is highly trained, with extensive experience, and tailors care to each patient’s unique needs and goals. They’ll talk with you about your health history and conduct a thorough examination, including chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological assessments. For most adults, they will take digital X-rays (we don’t X-ray children or pregnant women.)

Based on these evaluations & imaging, your chiropractor will design a care plan to help you reach your health goals. This may include a variety of services, in addition to chiropractic. If your chiropractor believes shockwave will be beneficial, they’ll recommend this therapy.

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