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Meet Shelley Birkett-Eyles

Hemispheres Practitioner

placeholder profile imageShelley Birkett-Eyles embarked on her journey with Hemispheres in 2003 following her return from Australia. Driven by a profound fascination with the brain and its role in childhood development and learning, she delved into the study of primitive and postural reflexes.

Throughout the years, Shelley has dedicated herself to expanding Hemispheres’ clinical networks, striving to ensure that more children can benefit from their therapy approach. Committed to providing children with the right support at the right time, she has collaborated closely with schools to develop essential tools and resources for identifying potential signs of neurological immaturity. Additionally, Shelley has designed school movement programs that not only aid children’s progress within educational settings but also assist schools in identifying those who may require specialized support.

Shelley earned her degree from Oxford Brookes University in 1992. With a background spanning a decade in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Neurosurgery, she later ventured into the field of Pediatrics. Her unwavering focus on neurology continues to underpin her ongoing work at Hemispheres, giving their therapy a unique emphasis.

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