Physiotherapy at St James Chiropractic

Physiotherapy is a science based profession and takes into account a “whole person” approach to health and wellbeing, including the patient’s general lifestyle.

At the core of physiotherapy is the patient’s involvement in their own care. Nicky truly believes in educating her clients and empowering them to partake in their treatment. It is by understanding the body and its needs that we can become the best versions of ourselves physically and mentally.

Nicky is passionate about working alongside her clients to fulfil and exceed their personal goals, whether it is to compete and win at international events or to be able to walk their favourite coastal path again pain free, no challenge is too big or small.

About Nicky

Nicky graduated from Brighton University in 1998 with an honours degree in physiotherapy. She has worked in many private practises and with various sports teams since, treating a wide variety of Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Nicky has had the privilege of working with many elite athletes over the years and relishes the challenge of returning them to their peak performance. However Nicky is adamant that the reward comes from providing the same level of care to all her patients and helping each individual to overcome their personal injury or limitation and find the joy that movement and physical health provides.

Nicky has a specialist interest in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

” Healing the injury is the easy part, it is the prevention of it returning that is the challenge”.  Nicky uses movement screening and analysis to understand the underlying cause of the breakdown of the body. She then uses a combination of manual therapy, neuromuscular education and strength and conditioning to re-educate the client helping them return to their sport or hobby stronger and better than ever. 

Nicky’s favourite quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

It is this that drives Nicky’s passion for education and rehabilitation. “The body is very clever in that it will always take the line of least resistance, this occurs in movement too. By understanding this and realising it is within our power to change this, we can prevent the reoccurrence of repetitive injury”.


Treatment with Nicky will include an initial (up to 1hr) assessment. This will include a thorough subjective and objective examination. Nicky will want to set out clear goals and gain a thorough understanding of lifestyle, so she can combine this with the physical findings to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Nicky uses a combination of joint mobilization, soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription, dry needling and electro therapy. At St James we have some of the latest medical technological devices including shock wave therapy and laser to enhance the hands on approach that we believe in.

Rehabilitation will be at the heart of your treatment with Nicky.  She will, having thoroughly assessed your movement and condition set you a very individualised programme to work on at a pace that is right for you. It is not the exercise itself that is so important, it is how each individual executes it that makes the difference. Nicky uses her years of experience to re educate these movement and muscle imbalances very specifically for you. 

Nicky is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health Professions Council (HCPC) 


“Nicky is full of knowledge, easy to be around, calm and able to listen to your issues. She is a true professional. I had on going hip issues and back problems, under Nicky’s thorough and calm approach I am now injury free. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her. A one in a million physiotherapist, or as some people say “The Real Deal””

Simon (ultra marathon runner)

“Nicky was recommended to me by my football club and so I went to see her regarding progressive pain  had been feeling in my lower back. In the first session I came away with a diagnosis and exercises to perform at home as part of a rehabilitation programme. After jut 3 sessions with Nicky, I was no longer concerned about my injury and can now train pain free. I would highly recommend going to see Nicky if you are seeking help as she is very professional, warm and welcoming and her treatment is very thorough”

Gracie (Southampton ladies Football)

“Nicky has kept my body “running fit” well into my late 60’s, not only successfully treating my injuries but giving me excellent advice on my running style to avoid future problems occurring. A completely holistic approach which could not be bettered”

Suzanne (Veteran Runner)

“Nicky has treated me for various sporting related injuries. I first saw her after having problems recovering from a full hip replacement. Other Physios couldn’t seem to understand the cause of my symptoms and therefore what treatment was needed. Nicky was able to instantly get to the bottom of the cause of these symptoms and then implement a detailed rehabilitation plan that absolutely worked. The correct diagnosis together with Nicky’s knowledge of the latest training and rehab methods retuned me to back to full strength and fitness”

Neale ( Ex premiership rugby player)