The Wider Team

Administrative Staff

Jacqueline Rodgers is the Practice Manager and PA to Dr Steve Williams. She has years of organisational and customer service experience and comes from an event management background.

Alison Bowie, Shelly Whitfield, Sally Randell, Theresa Drover, Debbie Chafe and Sara Strange all have several years of experience and have a sound understanding of the practice and the needs of our patients.

The team very much enjoy being the first point of call for the practice and take great pride in their patient care and professionalism. They are all very approachable and are happy to deal with all enquiries relating to appointments, payments, invoices, and general administrative questions.

Karen Shaw LCCH RSHom

Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner. Karen has been working and training with NTA Clinics for over three years.  As a mother with two children, Karen is well aware of the modern challenges faced by a growing family and is committed to providing high quality, professional support and advice to help the whole family through any health issues as they arise. Karen helps people with all conditions, including the treatment of hormonal complaints from puberty to menopause and fertility issues.

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Charlie Peck

Pilates classes are run at the clinic four times a week by Charlie Peck. These classes offer the opportunity to enhance core stability and strength as a valuable adjunct to chiropractic care. Charlie is a mother of five children and started teaching fitness classes 25 years ago while her family were at school.

Charlie was introduced to Pilates by a colleague and was immediately drawn to the method. As a full member of Fitness Professionals and The Reps Register she continues to attend ongoing training courses. Charlie believes Pilates can benefit everyone as its aim is to improve posture, increase core stability, strengthen weak muscles, and relieve tension and stress. Weights are used to improve bone density and strengthen weakened areas. Her classes are kept deliberately small and always have a sense of fun.

James Selio

James is a Personal trainer with over nine years experience who has trained a wide variety of clients of all ages, fitness levels and walks of life.

Having worked outside the fitness industry and being a dad and husband he has a good perspective on realistic expectations about keeping active and the constraints of modern living.

Each session is different, exciting and challenging.

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Nicky Moulds BSC (Hons), HPC, MSCP, ACSPM

Nicky graduated from Brighton university in 1998 with an honours degree in Physiotherapy. Having worked in the NHS for 3 years she has since worked in various private clinics in the south of England treating a wide variety of conditions and patients including many elite sports professionals.

Nicky has run her own Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic and specializes in muscle imbalance and rehabilitation. She combines this expertise with many manual treatment techniques for long term health, prevention of repetitive injury and enhancement in sporting performance.

Nicky’s passion lies in injury prevention and optimizing sporting performance. She is a trues believer in “ prevention is better than the cure” and empowers her clients to step forward from an injury with the knowledge and understanding of how to prevent future problems and strives to enable them to maximize their physical potential.

Nicky is also qualified in western dry needling techniques and is a Pilates instructor . She uses these skills as an adjunct to her treatment protocols.

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