The Team

The experience we hold as a team is second to none. In addition to being highly qualified, each of our chiropractors has a thirst for knowledge and a passion for delivering effective results for our patients. We keep abreast of research and new developments, often leading the way and offering ground-breaking services. We all care deeply about our work, and we share a commitment to providing our patients with choice and personal, attentive care.

Steve Williams DC, DICS, FICS, FRCC (paed), FBCA

Steve graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 1987, and is the principal and owner of the practice. He is an international postgraduate lecturer in paediatrics, sacro occipital technique and craniopathy.

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Simon Billings BSc (Hons), MSc, DC, MRCC, RTP

Simon graduated from the AECC in 2001 and subsequently completed his Doctor of Chiropractic training through the College of Chiropractors. He has lectured nationally and internationally on the subjects of jaw joint disorders, nutrition and trigenics. He has also published articles on the subjects of migraine, vitamin D deficiency, mis-shapen head syndrome (plagiocephaly) and ankylosing spondylitis.

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Clare Ewin Fisher BSc (Hons), MChiro, DC

Clare qualified from the AECC in 2005. She began working in a clinic whose interest was in sports injuries, treating the local football and ice hockey teams, and it was here that Clare learnt about the treatment of common sporting injuries and rehabilitation.

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Anna Clark MChiro, DC

Anna graduated from the AECC with a Masters degree at Distinction level in 2015. She is passionate about chiropractic and about ensuring all her patients function at their absolute best, to ensure their quality of movement and life, is as good as it can be. She enjoys treating individuals of all ages, from newborns to those in their senior years.

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Florentien Leurs MChiro, DC

Florentien graduated with merit from the AECC in 2009 and has been a member of the clinic since November 2012. In addition to attending seminars in Sacro Occipital Technique and Steve Williams’ paediatrics, further training has included medical acupuncture, Webster certification (pregnancy care), craniopathy, nutrition, rehabilitation and Thompson drop technique.

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Rebekah Loh – BHSc/BAppSc(Chinmed) Hons, BBiomedSc. MBAcC

Rebekah has a degrees in Health science and Applied science Chinese Medicine at RMIT and graduated with a distinction. After completing clinical internships in Chinese Medicine hospitals in Nanjing, China and Taichung, Taiwan she worked treating passengers while sailing around the northern hemisphere on Cruise ships.

She also has a great interest in managing pain, women’s health and fertility as well as pregnancy support.

In her leisure time she enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling and gastronomy.

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Mike Marinus Msc Paeds, M.Tech Chiro

Mike qualified with an M.Tech in Chiropractic from University of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2005. He subsequently completed his Masters degree in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health in 2019 from Bournemouth University.

Mike has lectured extensively on topics related to infant care, as well as being a recurring specialist guest on radio and television shows. He hosts podcasts for parents and professionals alike and is the founder of The Pediatric Network, an online teaching platform for all professionals working with children. He has published scientific works regarding Plagiocephaly (mis-shapen heads) and manual therapy for excessively crying infants.

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Nicky Moulds - Physiotherapist

Nicky Moulds is our physiotherapist. Physiotherapy seeks to rehabilitate and improve the physical well being of patients with movement disorders resulting from disease or injury.

Based on the study of medical science, physiotherapists extensively study to develop skills and knowledge necessary for physical health education, injury prevention, and the diagnosis and treatment of patients with physical disorders.