Mike Marinus Msc Paeds, M.Tech Chiro

Mike qualified with an M.Tech in Chiropractic from University of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2005. He subsequently completed his Masters degree in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health in 2019 from Bournemouth University.

Mike has lectured extensively on topics related to infant care, as well as being a recurring specialist guest on radio and television shows. He hosts podcasts for parents and professionals alike and is the founder of The Pediatric Network, an online teaching platform for all professionals working with children. He has published scientific works regarding Plagiocephaly (mis-shapen heads) and manual therapy for excessively crying infants.

A founder member of the Paediatric Association of South Africa, Mike joined the clinic’s team in late 2020. His passion lies with treating families, in particular working with infants and toddlers. Having grown up in a chiropractic household, Mike experienced the benefits of chiropractic first-hand whilst growing up and he brings this understanding and care to his patients. Being a father to two amazing children has fuelled his passion and love for family care.

Mike continues to stay in touch with the latest techniques, evidence and breakthroughs in the world of chiropractic, integrating these into his treatments and advice, ensuring his patients are given the very best care.