• Thank you for your expertise in keeping my back/neck mobile, getting back the flexibility of my left wrist following the fracture and your concern and advice with regard to osteoporosis. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on this and I am sure I will benefit accordingly.
    Lynne Jones
  • I had been suffering from back pain on and off for over 15 years and had not found treatment that helped me long-term. Simon was recommended to me and I have now been seeing him for almost a year and feel fantastic. By coming to see Simon I can now carry out tasks I was once unable to do and his home exercise plans have helped me immensely.
    Cliff McCarthy
  • I am now having an active retirement, after 20 years of frequent back pain. All thanks to St. James Chiropractic Clinic. They have treated me as a whole person, with gentle therapy and good advice on how to lead a healthy Lifestyle.
    Ray White
  • You gave me back my smile - After a very stressful time in my life and two operations in a matter of months, I was left with a severe headache ... I had visited numerous specialists who had all said .... "It's stress it will calm down."
    For eighteen months of all I can say of hell; day after day 24/7 I had a constant headache, pain behind my eyes, modem type noises in my ears, unable to wear my glasses for any length of time due to the pain in my face, even putting moisturiser on my face hurt!
    I was recommended by a friend to go to see Simon Billings. Simon didn't dismiss my symptoms but thought outside the box and got to work manipulating and stretching my head, neck, jaw and even my face! The treatment was intense ……..But wow it was worth it and what a difference. Three months on I have my life back, drug free, pain free...... And most importantly I definitely have my smile back!!
    Heather De Quervain
  • My wife and I have been coming to St James Chiropractic clinic for 7 years.
    I have suffered with a back problem since about 1999. The NHS could do nothing for me except to visit a local Pain Clinic and keep taking pain killer drugs, even epidural injections.
    At one stage I could only walk with the aid of a stick. I then managed to get some acupuncture (thro the pain clinic) at a local hospital, with 1 session every 8 weeks. Which wasn’t often enough.
    My wife was seeing a chiropractor in Eastleigh for neck / shoulder problems caused by whiplash from an accident many years ago. As a last resort I also saw her and she sorted me out, and we carried on seeing her for a few years, until she moved to Scotland to set up practise there.
    Before she moved away, she arranged another Chiropractor to look after us, that’s when she recommended Steve Williams at St James Clinic.
    We have been seeing him ever since.
    We are both fine now, we see Steve every 2 months which keeps us ticking along.
    He is a very clever man. He seems to be able to read our bodies and sort out any issues that have arisen – usually before we are aware they have happened.
    He also sorts out my sinus problems (associated with Hay Fever) by skull manipulation, it’s wonderful. I don’t have to take anywhere near so many hay fever drugs and no decongestants.
    If we get a relapse we know that a quick visit will put everything right again.
    All the staff at St James are very nice and happy and caring, always willing to help.
    On a few occasions we have had to see other Chiropractors when Steve is on holiday and we have always found them as caring and competent as Steve.
    We also have massage and reflexology sessions at the clinic.
    Therefore we have our whole body looked after in one place by competent and caring staff.
    Dave & Rosemary Hart
  • After a long search and many, many disappointments, I found St James Clinic. I have a recurring back injury which can make my life hell and which certainly affects my lifestyle. Over the years, Doctors, Physios and low quality chiropractors have all failed. I have been using Steve Williams and his team for many, many... years. The staff are fully professional, from the front desk right through to being led by the most professional and dedicated chiropractor I have ever met. You also get an honest answer to your expectations at St James. But for Steve and the team I would have given up sport many years ago. When my back goes - and nothing can prevent it, they get me quickly back in action with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of care. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Danny Streather
  • I've been having massages with Sally Morris for some time now, not for a specific issue but because I think it’s a good idea – and very relaxing. She is highly professional and an excellent and friendly therapist, and I’d recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
    Chris Godfrey
  • At a time when I didn't know what was happening and why I was in such pain, St James were able to offer help, advice and solutions to get me on the road to recovery. They gave me hope.
    Martin Thom