Claire Simmons M.Chiro., D.C

After graduating from AECC in 2012 with a Masters degree with distinction, I moved to Australia where I practised as a chiropractor for 6 years.  The pull of friends and family brought me back to the UK, where I joined St James in 2019.

My style of practice focuses on tapping into the body’s natural healing capabilities.  I work with your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) to release the stored tension patterns that are not only creating pain and postural distortions in your body, but also feelings of stress, anxiety and lack of clarity.

I incorporate lots of different methods and adjusting techniques in my patient care to serve you the best. Most recently I have been learning Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI).  This is typically a gentle form of chiropractic and is the perfect approach not only for those who don’t like the ‘cracking’ but also for those who are ready to release anxiety and stress patterning, and connect more deeply to themselves and their body.

Like the other practitioners at St James, I work with all ages ranges.  You can find me here on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I look forward to seeing you in the clinic!